Swan Song: Memoirs of a Dudley Diva
Swan Song: Memoirs of a Dudley Diva

Susan has written several Musical Theatre revues for Last Word Productions - Musical Theatre Group, workshop performance scripts and full opera scripts for Opera Minima, a one-woman play for Soprano Abigail Kelly entitled Swan Song: Memoirs of a Dudley Diva, a narrated recital, What is Life?, which celebrated the life and career of contralto Kathleen Ferrier for herself to perform as well as Handel at Hampton Court which she performed Christmas 2017 at Hampton Court Palace.

Most recently she created HMS Mini Pinny a seven minute version of HMS Pinafore for an intensive day workshops for Norwich High School for Girls and is currently writing a new operatic revue, Jukebox, for W11 Opera.

Jukebox (W11 Opera) - 2020

Untitled Project - Dramaturg (Ignite Music) - 2020

HMS Mini Pinny (Norwich High School) - 2019

Handel at Hampton Court (Historic Royal Palaces) - 2017

The Magic Flute (Opera Anywhere) - 2016 to 2018

Swan Song: Memoirs of a Dudley Diva (Abigail Kelly) - 2015

Carmen (Carces Castle, Provence) - 2015

The Magic Flute (Opera Minima) - 2013

What is Life? (The Old Corset Factory, Swallow Theatre, Tea House Theatre) - 2012 to 2015

Trial by Jury (Opera Minima) - 2011

What a Trial? (Opera Minima) - 2011

What a Character! (LWP - MTG) - 2010

Opening Night (LWP - MTG) - 2008

Novel Experiences (LWP - MTG) - 2008j

Hansel & Gretel (Opera Minima) - 2008

Every Day Decisions (LWP - MTG) - 2007

Several Sinful Scenes (Opera Minima) - 2007

A Day In The Life Of... (LWP - MTG) - 2006

Hotel Paree (Opera Minima) - 2006

Mini HMS Pinafore (Opera Minima) - 2005/2007

The A to Z Of Musical Theatre (LWP - MTG) - 2005

Once Upon A Time...The Works Of Stephen Sondheim (LWP - MTG) - 2004

A Word To Women (LWP - MTG) - 2003

All I Care About Is Love (LWP - MTG) - 2002

An Evening With Sondheim (LWP - MTG) - 2001